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Leadville Historic District

Leadville, CO 80461
Tabor Grand Hotel, Leadville, CO

Tabor Grand Hotel, Leadville, CO.

Photo credit: By Steven C. Price (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Leadville Historic District is in the mining town of Leadville, Colorado. The National Historic Landmark District includes 67 mines in the mining district east of the city up to the 12,000 foot level, and a defined portion of the village area. Notable structures include the Victorian-style Tabor Grand Hotel, built in 1886, and Temple Israel, built in 1884 to serve the town's small Jewish population.

Leadville was home to legendary historical figures including Doc Holliday. The town's House with the Eye Museum faces the street with an unusual stained glass eye, and includes Victorian-era furnishings plus a player piano and 1904 Edison Rotary Mimeograph machine. The town is also the site of the National Mining Hall of Fame. It's located about 100 miles southwest of Denver.

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