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The Submarine Force Museum

1 Crystal Lake Rd., Groton, CT 06340
Replica of Bushnell's Turtle

Replica of Bushnell's Turtle.

Photo credit: By Flickr user : https://www.flickr.com/photos/divemasterking2000 [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The United States Navy Submarine Force Library and Museum, located on the Thames River near Groton, Connecticut, is the only submarine museum managed exclusively by the Naval History & Heritage Command division of the U.S. Navy. The museum has 33,000 artifacts, including the first nuclear-powered submarine in the world, the USS Nautilus. Visitors may take a 30-minute self-guided audio tour of the submarine. Also at the museum is a replica of David Bushnell's Turtle, built in 1775 and the first submarine used in combat; midget submarines from World War II; working periscopes, salvaged parts from the nuclear USS NR-1, a submarine control room, models of submarines, and the Explorer, an early U.S. research submarine. In addition to its large collection of submarines and related objects, the museum also has a library with around 20,000 documents and 30,000 photos related to the history of submarine development.

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