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Pitkin Glassworks

5 Putnam St, Manchester, CT 06040

The Pitkin Glassworks Ruin is a historic industrial archaeological site at the junction of Parker and Putnam Streets in Manchester, Connecticut. It contains the remains of one of the oldest glass factories in New England, established in 1783.

William and Elisha Pitkin had supplied gunpowder to the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War at a financial loss, and petitioned the state in 1783 for an exclusive right to manufacture glass as compensation for their losses. The state granted them a 25-year monopoly, to begin once manufacturing began. The factory went into operation a few years later, and soon ran into financial difficulties. Several lotteries were held to raise additional funds, but the endeavour finally closed its doors in 1830.

The ruins of the structure of the factory are located on what was once the Pitkin Farm, and what is currently the corner of Putnam and Parker Streets. The site includes remnants of the factory's stone walls, as well as other archaeological remains.

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