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Old State House - Hartford

800 Main St., Hartford, CT 06103

The Old State House in Hartford is generally believed to have been designed by noted American architect Charles Bulfinch as his first public building. Exhibits focus on the history of Hartford and important events in Connecticut history. The Museum of Natural and Other Curiosities on the third floor features a recreation of Joseph Steward's original 1798 collection of natural history displays and curiosities.

The exterior building and the Senate have been restored to its original Federal style; the Representative's chamber is Victorian, and the halls and courtroom are Colonial Revival.

Over the years, several eyewitnesses (mostly staff members) have claimed to experience paranormal activity inside the building. In 2009, the Old State House was investigated on episode 524 of the Sci Fi Channel program "Ghost Hunters."

The building is currently managed by the Office of Legislative Management of the Connecticut General Assembly.

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