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Museum of Connecticut History

231 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT 06106

The Museum of Connecticut History is part of the Connecticut State Library in Hartford. It consists of Memorial Hall, a restored Beaux-Arts style gallery, and three adjoining exhibit areas. On permanent display are portraits of Connecticut Governors as well as historical documents, including the State's original 1662 Royal Charter, the 1639 Fundamental Orders, and the 1818 and 1964 State Constitutions. The focus of the Museum and its collections is Connecticut's government, military, and industrial history.

Exhibits include the Colt Firearms Collection, consisting of items related to the Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company. They include prototypes, factory models, experimental firearms and Gattling guns. Samuel Colt's company in Hartford pioneered manufacturing methods using interchangeable parts. Connecticut Collections include other items related to the state's role in the Industrial Revolution.

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