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Center of Science and Industry

333 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215

COSI (an acronym for Center of Science and Industry) is a science museum and research center in Columbus, Ohio. It contains seven main exhibit areas: Ocean, Energy, Space, Progress, Gadgets, Life, and Adventure. Hallways between each learning world are filled with hands-on exhibits and displays.

The Ocean exhibit includes docked submarine laboratory where hands-on exhibits explore the realities of ocean research, submersibles, SCUBA, water pressure, and remote-operated vehicles. The Space exhibit area features a replica space station pod to tour, a recreation of John Glenn's Friendship 7 spacecraft from the Mercury-Atlas 6, remote-operated vehicles, balance tests, and other hands-on experiments that deal with space flight trajectory, gravitational pull, and simulated rover landings.

The Progress exhibit traces the hopes and fears of a small town called Progress in 1898, just as electricity, horseless carriages, and canned food become available. The recreated town includes a telegraph office, livery, stable, grocer, apothecary, and clothiers. After visitors walk through Progress in 1898, they turn the corner enter the same intersection of the same town 64 years later in 1962, where a new set of hopes and fears have arisen.

As a “center of science and industry” (rather than a standalone “science center”), COSI established embedded partnerships with local organizations. [email protected] maintains a digital media center and offices; OSU maintains a center of research as well as health & medicine laboratories staffed by medical residents; and Columbus Historical Society maintains offices and exhibit space.

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