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Ohio Village

800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211

Ohio Village is a living history museum in Columbus, Ohio, operated by the non-profit Ohio History Connection. It is intended to provide a firsthand view of life in Ohio during the American Civil War.

The 22 buildings that make up the village are a mixture of reproductions and historic structures moved to the site. Among those currently standing are the Town Hall, Print Shop, General Store and Masonic Lodge, Education Center, Pharmacy, Blacksmith Shop, Tinsmith Shop, Broom and Basket Shop, Cabinetmaker/Undertaker's Shop, Harnessmaker's and Weaver's shops, Ladies' Soldiers Aid Society, Village Bakery, Market House, Livery Stable, Schoolhouse, Doctor's Office and Residence, the Ohio Village Bank, the Colonel Crawford Inn and the Elk's Head Tavern.

The Ohio Village is open to visitors Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Visitors enter through the Ohio History Center museum and can enjoy the Village as part of their visit.

One of the village's most popular events is the All Hallow's Eve, an 1860s-style celebration of Halloween. It includes fortunetelling, costumed interpretation of beliefs and superstitions related to the season, and a parade for the dead through the town center meant to appease roaming spirits. The night culminates in a production of Washington Irving's "Legend of Sleepy Hollow."

Ohio Village is also home to two historic baseball teams, the Ohio Village Muffins and Lady Diamonds. Both teams play by the 19th-century rules of the game, similar to those first set down by the New York Knickerbockers, America's first baseball club, in 1845. The Ohio Cup Vintage Baseball Festival, held at the village every year in the late summer, draws teams from across the country to compete in a tournament played by the old rules.

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