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Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument

1120 US Route 42 E, Wilberforce, OH 45384

The Colonel Charles Young house is a National Historic Landmark in Wilberforce, Ohio. A career U.S. Army officer, Charles Young was born into slavery in Kentucky in 1864. He was the third African American graduate of West Point, the first black U.S. national park superintendent, the first African American military attaché, and the highest ranking black officer in the United States Army until his death in 1922. He also taught military science at Wilberforce University. On March 25, 2013 under the Antiquities Act, President Barack Obama designated the house as the Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument, a unit of the National Park Service. It is operated as a house museum with exhibits about the Buffalo Soldiers.

The monument is less than a mile west of Wilberforce University and Central State University.

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