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Benninghofen House

327 N 2nd St, Hamilton, OH 45011
Benninghofen House

Benninghofen House in Hamilton, OH.

Photo credit: Photo by Greg Hume (Greg5030) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The Benninghofen House is a historic residence in Hamilton, Ohio, United States. Constructed in the 1860s, this house has been named a historic site for its high-quality architecture.

The Butler County Historical Society maintains the Benninghofen House as a historic house museum. Some of the interior is maintained at its 19th-century appearance, although with minor changes. The basement holds a display depicting dentist's tools from the 19th century. Other parts hold artifacts such as the Civil War battle flag of the 35th Ohio Infantry.

The house has attracted ghost hunters; a group visiting in early 2013 reported contacting John Benninghofen's wife and various other residents of early Hamilton, and locals frequently contact museum staff asking if it is haunted.

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