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Pilgrim Hall Museum

75 Court St., Plymouth, MA 02360

The Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts is the oldest public museum in the United States in continuous operation, having opened in 1824. The Pilgrim Society, established in 1820, runs the museum. The museum tells the story of the Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony. The museum was extensively upgraded in the 1880s, and a library wing added in 1904. The Pilgrim Hall Museum contains artifact collections, artwork, a library, and archives. Prominent pieces include original Pilgrim era artifacts, such as the original Brewster Chair and a 1651 portrait of Edward Winslow, the only known contemporaneous Pilgrim portrait. The museum owns the remnants of the Sparrow Hawk, the only known remains of a trans-Atlantic 17th-century ship which wrecked off of Cape Cod in 1626. The Sparrow Hawk remnants are currently in storage.

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