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Lyman Estate

185 Lyman St, Waltham, MA 02452

The Lyman Estate, also known as The Vale, is a historic country house in Waltham, Massachusetts. It is owned by the nonprofit Historic New England organization. The grounds are open to the public daily for free; an admission fee is required for the house. The estate was established in 1793 by Boston merchant Theodore Lyman on 400 acres (160 ha) of grounds, and was the Lyman family's summer residence for over 150 years. The Federal style mansion, of 24 rooms, was designed by Salem architect Samuel McIntire and completed in 1798. The estate's first greenhouse was constructed before 1800 and is thought to be the oldest in the United States. The Grape House, built in 1804, today houses extensive grape vines, grown from cuttings taken in 1870 from Hampton Court in England. The Camellia House was built around 1820 for cultivation of camellias. The greenhouses are open to the public.

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