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Isaac Winslow House

634 Careswell Street, Marshfield, MA 02050

The Isaac Winslow House is a mansion in Marshfield, Massachusetts built around 1700. It is the ancestral home of the founding family of Marshfield and is virtually untouched by modernization. It has been occupied by a family of governors, generals, doctors, lawyers and judges who helped to create Marshfield and the South Shore. It survives as an example of how well-to-do landed gentry, particularly Loyalists, lived in the years prior to the American Revolutionary War. The grounds also include the Daniel Webster Law Office, containing original letters and artifacts relating to the former congressman, Senator and Secretary of State. Also on the grounds is a carriage shed housing Webster's one-horse phaeton, as well as Marshfield's own Concord Coach once used to transport passengers from Marshfield to Hingham. A working blacksmith shop is on site. Across the street is the 1857 Winslow Schoolhouse.

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