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Historic New England - Otis House

141 Cambridge St, Boston, MA 02114
Harrison Gray Otis House

Harrison Gray Otis House, Boston.

Historic New England, previously known as the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, is a charitable, non-profit, historic preservation organization headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It is focused on New England and is the oldest and largest regional preservation organization in the United States. Historic New England currently owns and operates 36 house museums and landscapes across five New England states, representing nearly 400 years of architecture. It also owns a wide-ranging collection of more than 100,000 objects of historical and aesthetic significance. It archives more than one million items documenting New England architectural and cultural history, including photographs, prints and engravings, more than 20,000 architectural drawings and specifications, books, manuscripts, and other ephemera.

The organization maintains its Library and Archives at the historic Otis House, originally built in 1795-96 for Massachusetts politician Harrison Gray Otis. The house also serves as the organization's headquarters. The website includes a database of the collections and an online Museum Shop containing books and other printed matter.

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