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Massachusetts College of Art and Design

621 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115

Massachusetts College of Art and Design (also known as MassArt) is a publicly funded college of visual and applied art. Founded in 1873, it is one of the oldest art schools, and the only publicly funded free-standing art school, in the United States. There are at least 10 galleries on campus, including the Arnheim Gallery, Brant Gallery, Bakalar and Paine Galleries, Doran Gallery, Godine Family Gallery, President's Gallery, Student Life Gallery, Tower Gallery, and North Crackertorium Gallery. The Pozen Center, built to house larger-scale events and performances, is on the ground floor of the North Building. The new Design and Media Center features a lobby space for large temporary installations, as well as additional smaller gallery spaces. Other facilities include a working letterpress lab with an archival collection of over 500 wood and metal type fonts, woodworking shop, digital maker's studio, sound studio, and performance spaces.

Library access: The Morton R. Godine Library is open to the public. The college is part of te Fenway Library Organization, which confers borrowing privileges to students at member institutions. Borrowing privileges are also extended to alumni as well as students, faculty and staff at other state colleges and universities in Massachusetts.

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