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Elisabet Ney Museum

304 E. 44th St., Austin, TX 78751

The Elisabet Ney Museum is housed in the former studio of sculptor Elisabet Ney and is dedicated to showcasing her life and works. Formosa, as Ney called the studio, was completed in 1893 and enlarged in 1902. It was the earliest art studio built in Texas. The museum houses a collection of originals and replicas of Ney's works, along with many of her personal belongings and tools. Sculptures and medallions on display include her portraits of European figures such as King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Otto von Bismarck, Giuseppe Garibaldi, and Arthur Schopenhauer, as well as her American-period sculptures of William Jennings Bryan, Sam Houston, Stephen F. Austin, Albert Sidney Johnston, and Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth.

The museum, built in the Classical Revival style, resembles a small castle. It's managed by Austin's Parks and Recreation Dept.

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