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Wacky Vehicles Hit the Road in NorCal

Steampunks gather in Vallejo, California for the 7th Annual Obtainium Cup Contraptor’s Rally

Monday, July 23, 2018

A wacky fleet of art cars, bicycles, and other mobile contraptions braved zombies, robots, flying monkeys and Alice in Wonderland characters as the 7th Annual Obtainium Cup Contraptor’s Rally took place July 22 in Vallejo, California. The event also included steampunk vendors and musical entertainment by McPuzo and Trotsky, a duo that performs satirical songs inspired by the 1920s.

The rally featured hand-built “sculptural vehicles” such as a giant mobile pickle, a pirate-themed 1903 Oldsmobile replica, and a two-wheeled, two-seat contraption dubbed the “Vicious Cycle.” Entries were judged not on speed, but on how the participants handled the four challenges on the course. Trophies were presented for each of the challenges, with the best overall entry taking the grand prize. This year’s winner was an osprey fabricated by Magical Moonshine Theatre, a Vallejo-based performance group.

Judges included Vallejo Mayor Bob Sampayan, who showed up in fine steampunk headwear, and Vice Mayor Katy Miessner, who portrayed a zombie.

The event was produced by Obtainium Works, the Vallejo arts organization known in the steampunk world for Neverwas Haul, a three-story Victorian house on wheels. Obtainium Works describes itself as the San Francisco area’s “premier art car factory,” but most of the entries were by makers not affiliated with the organization.

See the gallery below for photos from the event. Also see our coverage of the previous day's Art Car Jam at the Obtainium Works studio.

Thanks to Clara Blackheart for identifying some of the folks in the photos.

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