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A Visual Tour of Rookburgh

A German theme park opens a new steampunk attraction with its own flying roller coaster

Saturday, October 10, 2020
Restaurant Uhrwerk
Restaurant Uhrwerk at Rookburgh in PhantasiaLand. Photo courtesy of PhantasiaLand.

Here’s a new entry for your steampunk bucket list, at least when international travel restrictions are lifted. Rookburgh is a steampunk-styled area that recently opened at PhantasiaLand, a theme park in Brühl, Germany, near Cologne. Its main attraction is F.L.Y., a roller coaster designed to simulate the sensation of flight. PhantasiaLand bills it as the world’s longest flying roller coaster.

One of seven “theme worlds” at PhantasiaLand, Rookburgh also has its own hotel, the Charles Lindbergh, which houses Restaurant Uhrwerk (Restaurant Clockwork) and Bar 1919.

Rookburgh is currently in a “soft opening” phase, which means some attractions may be temporarily closed. And due to the pandemic, the theme park has imposed limits on the number of guests at a time.

Other attractions at PhantasiaLand include Taron, billed as the world’s fastest and longest multi-launched roller coaster. It’s in the Klugheim area, which has a theme inspired by Old Norse cultures. Chiapas, in the Mexico area, has the steepest drop of any log flume ride in the world. It’s accompanied by an original soundtrack performed by the Budapest Film Music Orchestra. Colorado Adventure is an Old West-styled mine train roller coaster.

The theme park’s publicity department kindly provided some early photos of the new attraction. You can see them in the gallery below, along with additional scenes from the theme park. Learn more on the PhantasiaLand website.

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