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A Trip to the Vendor Bazaar

Steampunk was well represented among the vendors at the Edwardian Ball and World’s Faire

Thursday, January 31, 2019

As if the music, costumes, circus acts, and art installations weren’t enough, the Edwardian World’s Faire and Edwardian Ball featured a large, curated Vendor Bazaar with about 50 sellers of (mostly) handmade items. Some were familiar faces from other Bay Area events, such as Astral Chrysalis Designs, Holzer & Combe Haberdashery, and KrakenWhip (one of the all-time great steampunk brand names). Steampunk was well represented, but the Bazaar also had lots of goth and 20th century vintage fashion.

This was my opportunity to meet Shane Izykowski, the fine artist whose work I first encountered at the City Art Cooperative Gallery in San Francisco’s Mission District. There was Melissa Johnson of Miss Havisham’s Curiosities, who describes her tea cups as “food safe, yet very likely haunted.”

Visiting from Tucson were the folks behind Raven’s Razors, who sell restored straight razors from the 19th century. And as one who attends many steampunk events with a decidedly un-steampunk Sony digital camera, I appreciated the work of Momo Eames, who makes steampunk-themed lens caps, cuffs, straps and other accessories for the retro shutterbug.

You can meet these and many other Edwardian Ball vendors in the gallery below.

See also: “A Weekend at the Ball,” our main report and photo gallery from Edwardian Ball weekend.

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