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Tell-Tale Steampunks

Makers, a book launch, and more at the first-ever Tell-Tale Steampunk Festival in Baltimore

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

The first-ever Tell-Tale Steampunk Festival took place last weekend in Baltimore, drawing steampunk artists, cosplayers, authors, and others from points across the U.S. The event – really a convention more than a festival – served as a launchpad for A Cast of Crows, a new anthology from eSpec Books consisting of steampunk tales inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.

It also featured panels, workshops, entertainment, and a candlelight tea with Brian and Sheila Fadrosh of Key City Steampunk and Building Steam.

The event was organized by The Baroness Alexandra (aka Donna McClaren) and Kolleen Kilduff, proprietor of Design by Night, a maker of handcrafted headwear and accessories.

One highlight, Kilduff said, was a makeup demonstration by Kesho Kage, “a steampunk newcomer who just blew everyone away with her makeup skills.”

She added: “This show was a labor of love and we’re so happy that everyone had such a good time. We have learned a lot from this experience.”

They plan to be back next year at the same location, the Delta Hotels Baltimore Hunt Valley. The convention is set for April 20-21, 2024.

Kilduff sent along some photos from Brian Fadrosh and eSpec Books, which you can see in the gallery below.


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