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A Taste of Scotland in Sacramento

Scenes from “Top Brass: Scotland,” presented by the Sacramento Steampunk Society

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Sacramento Steampunk Society once again presented “Top Brass,” a formal dinner that takes the guise of an international diplomatic gathering. Each year, the organizers select a host nation or city, and members are invited to attend as local representatives, international dignitaries, or in standard steampunk garb. This time it was Scotland’s turn, so naturally the wardrobe choices included kilts and tartans.

The event was held Nov. 12 at Logan’s Roadhouse in Sacramento, drawing 60 attendees along with two photographers, bagpiper Marcus Dunn, and the Sarpika Dance Team.

The tradition of having a host region began with the first event, when lead organizer Fred Jeska ordered international flags as table settings. “I thought I was getting an assortment of nations when actually I failed to select correctly and was sent the first country on the list, Albania,” he explained in a Facebook post. “I never would have dreamed of selecting Albania but as it turns out the flag design was pretty cool.”

The subsequent hosts were Geneva, Captain Nemo’s Nautilus, London, Romania, and now Scotland.

You can relive the festivities in the gallery below. Thanks to Fred for providing the photos.


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