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Steampunks Head for Disney Springs

Activities at Steampunk Day near Orlando will be themed to a story set in 1901 Florida

Monday, October 29, 2018
Steampunk Day Costumes

Steampunks in the Orlando area will gather for games, cosplay, drama, and other fun as Steampunk Day arrives at Disney Springs on Sunday, Nov. 4. It’s one of two annual events produced by International Steampunk LLC, a company founded by local steampunk enthusiast Gage Moody, aka Wesley Steam.

Disney Springs is a shopping and entertainment complex at Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando. Steampunk Day is not affiliated with Disney Springs but is held with Disney’s permission. Admission is free.

The other event, Carnevale, takes place in springtime at Cafe Trastevere in Orlando. It’s a ticketed event that includes a magic show and dinner. The next one is scheduled for March 24, 2019.

Steampunk Day and Carnevale are organized around an ongoing story about an explorers’ guild whose members use a time travel device to search for a lost colleague. The story is told through staged performances and interactions between the characters and guests. Sunday’s event will be set in 1901.


The event will begin with group photos followed by charades, a fashion show/costume contest, a team scavenger hunt, and dueling games. Guests can participate in parasol dueling or a new sport dubbed “The Gauntlet.” The latter is inspired by Bartitsu, a martial art conceived in the late 19th century by British engineer Edward William Barton-Wright.

Guests will then gather at Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, a dive bar themed as a 1940s airplane hangar. The day ends with a live game of Clue.

The costume contest will feature three categories: “Most Exquisite” (best overall), “Time Period Appropriate” (1901) and “Most Inventive.” Representatives from local steampunk groups will serve as judges.

DJ VLAD will provide musical entertainment throughout the day.

Though admission is free, guests “must check in to ensure that they will abide by the rules that we have set for the event,” Moody says. Guests will receive a wristband.

Disney Springs rules specify that prop weapons are not allowed, guests cannot wear costumes that represent Disney characters, and guests cannot wear facepaint or masks that obscure their identity.

Vendors are not permitted due to Disney policy. The event is funded by merchandise sales and ticket sales for Carnevale.

It all takes place from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Disney Springs is located at 1486 Buena Vista Dr., Orlando, FL 32830. See the website and Facebook page for more info.

Photos from 2017 used by permission of International Steampunk LLC.

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