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Steampunks Flock to Luxembourg

Photographer Dominique Linel offers a look at the creative cosplayers at Anno 1900

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Anno 1900 Steampunk Convention took place last weekend in southwestern Luxembourg, and fortunately for steampunk fans around the world, one of the attendees was photographer Dominique Linel. He promptly posted a photo album featuring many of the costumed participants.

“Une nouvelle édition..deux superbes journées et mille sourires!” he wrote. In English (according to Google Translate): “A new edition ... two beautiful days and a thousand smiles!”

The event’s venue was Fond-de-Gras, an open-air museum that was once a major iron mine. Among the attractions is the Train 1900, a steam train that runs on a line opened in 1874. As you can see from Linel’s photos, the railway provides a great backdrop for steampunk cosplay.

“While monocles, bowler hats and bustles were essential gear . . . dressing up wasn’t all that was offered as street performers, musicians and jugglers created a festive atmosphere for visitors to enjoy,” reports the Luxembourg Times.

Also on hand was French steampunk band Victor Sierra, which played on Saturday night.

Linel has made his photos available under a Creative Commons license, and we’ve compiled a small selection for the gallery below. The gallery also includes other photos from Fond-de-Gras. You can also view his photo album from the 2017 event.

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