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Steampunk in the Islands

That’s the Canary Islands, whose largest city is home to the Tesla Steampunk Bar Cervecería

Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Star Wars characters at Tesla Steampunk Bar

Spain’s Canary Islands may not come to mind when you think of steampunk hotspots, but at one drinking establishment, a man in goggles gazes upon the patrons, a small airship hovers overhead, and you might see a couple of steampunk Stormtroopers standing guard in front of the bar.

That’s the scene inside the Tesla Steampunk Bar Cervecería in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the most populous city in this archipelago about 60 miles (100km) off the coast of northwestern Africa.

The bar serves craft beers, including some from the islands, as well as cocktails and food. Its doors opened in February 2016, but then it closed a year later and re-opened in March 2018 under new owner Mariho Garcia.

His establishment gets generally high marks on TripAdvisor and other review sites for its unique atmosphere, friendly staff and extensive beer selection.

Tesla Steampunk Bar

Steampunk elements abound. A dark figure named Eugene, clad in a gas mask, stands against one wall. Underneath the bar is a mysterious contraption with pipes, gears, and gauges bathed in eerie green light. The tables are made from old sewing machines. Even the restrooms have a steampunk look.

The Star Wars characters are from Asociation Troopers GC, a local cosplay group.

The distinctive signage by UK artist John Coulthart was adapted from a design that Coulthart originally created for Jeff VanderMeer, author of The Steampunk Bible. A poster featuring Nikola Tesla is mounted on a wall, but the goggled character in the sign is not the inventor. As Coulthart explains in this blog post, the man is Joseph Edgar Boehm, a 19th century sculptor whose picture appeared in a clip art book.

Garcia tells us that steampunk has a big following on Gran Canaria, which is the third-largest of the Canary Islands by land area and the second-largest by population. Like the other islands, it’s a popular tourist destination due to its climate, beaches and natural wonders. Collectively, the islands draw about 12 million visitors per year.

Las Palmas (population 383,308) is one of two major cities in the islands. The other is Santa Cruz de Tenerife (population 206,593) on Tenerife, the largest island by land area and population.

You can see more photos of Tesla Steampunk Bar in the gallery below. We also included photos of other attractions on the islands, in case you need more reasons to visit. See the bar’s Facebook page for more info.

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