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A Look at Gallery Ex Machina

This new gallery in Barcelona will feature exhibitions of cyberpunk and steampunk art

Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Gallery Ex Machina main gallery entrance
Gallery Ex Machina
Photos courtesy of Gallery Ex Machina.

If you happen to be in Barcelona, Spain, here’s a new attraction you might want to put on your itinerary. Gallery Ex Machina, which opened over the summer, will exhibit “technology-themed artwork, mostly in the steampunk and cyberpunk styles whenever possible,” says gallery manager Damla Toker. Located in the city’s Gothic quarter, it’s housed in a remodeled structure from the 15th century.

The gallery will host a series of themed exhibitions in addition to showing pieces from its own collection. The exhibitions will feature works in a variety of media from artists around the world. They will explore “the intriguing, inevitable, and inextricably complex relationship between humans and technology,” according to the website.

The first exhibition, Man and Machine, opened July 11 and continues through Sept. 11. It features works by Kary Barthelmey, Edouard Dullin, and Rol Steimes.

This YouTube video has interviews with each of the artists. Steimes’ work includes industrial landscapes, and among the three artists, his pieces most closely resemble steampunk. His segment begins at about 3:24.

The next exhibition is Power Surge, with works by Turkish painter Osman Ergin and Luxembourg sculptor Assy Jans. It opens Sept. 12 and runs through Nov. 12.

You can learn more on the website and Facebook page.

Barcelona is also home to EuroSteamCon, a steampunk convention scheduled for Oct. 26 and 27.

Gallery Ex Machina Artwork
Gallery Ex Machina Transit staircase
Transit Staircase. Photos courtesy of Gallery Ex Machina.

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