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The Enchanted City Moves Indoors

The Enchanted City Steampunk Festival near Albany, New York is revived in a new format

Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Enchanted City Steampunk Festival 2015
Photo from the 2015 Enchanted City Steampunk Festival by A Slyer Image Photography.

The Enchanted City Steampunk Festival is back, sort of. In past years, the festival was an outdoor street fair that drew thousands to Troy, New York, near Albany. But in April, lead organizer Susan Dunckel announced that she was seeking a new location after she was unable to negotiate a deal to keep the event in the city. Now it’s been revived as a free Halloween-themed indoor gathering, the first in a series of events “under The Enchanted City umbrella,” Dunckel says.

“Fall in Steampunk: The Haunted Hedley,” is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 25, 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the River Street Market in Troy. The venue is a food hall in Troy’s Waterfront area featuring six eateries. It opened last year on the first floor of Hedley Park Place, an office building that was once a shirt collar factory for Cluett Peabody & Company. Dunckel owns Sweet Sue's Copper Pot, one of the six tenants.

“Fall in Steampunk” will be held concurrently with “Mysteries & Mayhem,” a larger arts and culture event in downtown Troy. The organizers revealed the details in an announcement on the Enchanted City Facebook page.

The program will include:

• A “Ghastly Ghoul” Pageant & Costume Promenade hosted by the Upstate New York Cosplay Society. Awards will be presented for the best “Ghastly Ghoul” and “Victorian Vampire Slayer.” The winners will be challenged to defend their titles next year.

• A “Frightening Foods” Chef Challenge, in which chefs from each of the six River Street Market restaurants will compete to prepare a dish using a set of “frightening ingredients.”

• Ghost tours of the Hedley Building led by Denisse Grimm, said to be a descendant of The Brothers Grimm. “Highlights of the tour will include a visit to the sub basement, which houses historic steam equipment and spooky laboratory from the 1950s,” the announcement states. “Along the way, Grimm will share stories of supernatural encounters in the building and even a few photographs of unexplainable entities caught on camera there.”

Plus: Absinthe tastings, a “Goblin Market,” and a dance party with DJ Mechno Sferatu. Contraptions from the festival’s Inventors Challenge will also be on display.

Guests are encouraged to attend in steampunk costumes “or as fairies or ghouls.”

The event is produced by a new Enchanted City limited liability corporation that Dunckel established earlier this year. She added festival volunteer John Corey as a business partner.

Dunckel says she plans to announce future events. And “fans should not count out a street festival element returning in the future,” the announcement states.

She discussed the new event in a report on WRGB-TV, the local CBS affiliate.

River Street Market is located at 433 River Street, Troy, NY 12180.

You can learn more on The Enchanted City Facebook page and the Fall in Steampunk event page.

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