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Another Splendid Day Out

We have photos from this steampunk gathering in Morecambe on England’s northwest coast

Monday, June 17, 2019
A Splendid Day Out costumes
Photo by Mark Rushton

Editor’s Note: “Steamageddon” was the theme as A Splendid Day Out (ASDO) returned June 1 and 2 to Morecambe, a seaside resort town in North West England. Special guests included Montague Jacques Fromage and American maker David Lee, who presided over a regional edition of The Great World Suitcase Challenge. Musician Julia Scott of Alice’s Night Circus also appeared, but she was unable to perform due to laryngitis.

Numerous photographers were there to capture the steampunk splendor, including Ian Bradshaw and Mark Rushton, who allowed us to use their photos. As he did for last fall’s ASDO, Mark used HDR imaging software to give his photos a painterly look.

The Great World Suitcase Challenge is a competition in which makers submit projects that incorporate a suitcase or similar enclosure. Top honors at ASDO went to Nimrod Lancaster for his “Case of Good Fortune.” You can view the award ceremony in this YouTube video, which also includes a clip of the winning entry. The challenges are held at selected steampunk events in the USA and Europe. The world champion will be announced this November at Teslacon in Madison, Wisconsin.

Preceding the festival was the Party at the End of the World, a Friday night concert featuring V2A.

Check out the photo gallery below for scenes from the event. You can see more in the ASDO Facebook group.

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