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Editorial Policies


1. The Steampunk Explorer does not accept sponsored posts or any form of compensation in return for running editorial content. This includes affiliate links in articles, in which publishers receive commissions in return for linking to online stores or other e-commerce sites.

2. The Steampunk Explorer does accept paid advertising, but maintains strict separation between advertising and editorial considerations. Advertisers have no influence over editorial content. All editorial decisions are based solely on merit—whether an article informs or entertains our readers. Ads displayed on the site will be clearly distinguishable from editorial content.

3. The Steampunk Explorer strives for accuracy in its reporting. But we are not perfect and we occasionally make mistakes. When we become aware of mistakes, we will correct them as soon as possible.

If you notice any factual errors in any of our coverage, please use the contact form to let us know as soon as you can. You will not hurt our feelings or incur our wrath. Instead, you will earn our gratitude by helping us fulfill our mission to provide credible information to the steampunk community.

4. If you would like us to write about your steampunk activities, the best approach is to send us a message using our contact form, or the editor’s email address if you have worked with us previously. Please see our Submission Guidelines for additional information.

5. We are aware that most individuals and organizations in the steampunk community do not have the resources to hire professional PR representatives. However, if you approach The Steampunk Explorer seeking editorial coverage, you should know that you are acting in a PR or media relations capacity even if that is not your profession.

We do not expect the people who approach us to be fully versed in standard PR practices, and we will make allowances for that. However, experienced PR practitioners know that the worst mistake someone can make in media relations is to present false or misleading information to a journalist. Conversely, journalists value sources who are accessible, reliable, and trustworthy. The vast majority of people we deal with in the steampunk community fall into the latter category, and these are the ones best positioned to earn editorial coverage.

In some cases, an individual may provide information that they believe to be accurate, only to discover later that it was false or misleading. We expect that people seeking coverage have performed due diligence to ensure that their information is accurate. But if it proves to be inaccurate, please contact us as soon as possible to correct the record.

For additional guidance, please see the PRSA Code of Ethics from the Public Relations Society of America, particularly the sections on “Free Flow of Information” and “Disclosure of Information.”

Updated Sept. 18, 2022

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