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About The Steampunk Explorer

The Steampunk Explorer is an online magazine and resource directory for steampunk enthusiasts and creators.

You'll find stories about people, places and events in the steampunk world, as well as guides to retail outlets, museums, galleries, eateries, and other attractions in 37 North American regions.

The site also includes a comprehensive calendar of events in North America and Europe. And we have several pages of resources for artists, writers, and people with an interest in 19th century history. The site launched in March 2018.

Although this site is aimed primarily at steampunks, anyone with an interest in science-fiction, fantasy, alternate history, maker culture, or historical tourism is likely to find useful information here. At least that's our hope.

You can learn more about the site and its features in the six-minute guided tour posted above.

About the Creator

This site is produced by Stephen Beale, a writer and editor who resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been a science-fiction fan since adolescence, and a steampunk fan (without knowing it) since "The Wild Wild West" began airing in the 1960s. In my long professional life as a journalist, I've helped to launch several publications for my employers, and this is my opportunity to launch one of my own. Learn more from my personal website and my LinkedIn profile.

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