Steampunk Resources

This page includes steampunk-related websites.

Airship Ambassador — Steampunk related news, events and resources.

Atticus Oldman's Steampunk Almanac — Steampunk podcasts from Scotland.

Beyond Victoriana — "A multicultural perspective on Steampunk" by Diana Pho. She also has an active Facebook page.

Brass Goggles — Discussion forums on steampunk topics.

Edwardian Promenade — News, commentary and resources about the Edwardian era. "As years have passed, the focus has widened beyond 1900-1914 Britain to place an emphasis on the global society between 1880s-1920s."

International Steampunk Guild — This group, founded by the famed Doc Phineas, aims to "advance Steampunk Culture, Making and Literature."

Metapunk — "Steampunk to Cyberpunk, Cthulhu, Science, Coding." — "Artifacts from a future that never was."

SanDee & Amelie's Steampunk Challenges — Monthly design challenges in the steampunk realm.

Silver Goggles — A "steampunk postcolonialist" discusses "race, representation, diversity, and other such exciting adventures as one might find in our genial genre."

Steampunk Books — News and reviews about steampunk books.

Steampunk Cavaliers — A "collaborative blog" about steampunk and the Victorian era. It accepts guest posts.

TheSteamPunkFactory — An Etsy group for makers of steampunk crafts.

Steampunk Fashion Guide — Steampunk fashions and an events calendar.

Steampunk Journal — Steampunk news, media, events, etc.

Steampunk Radio — Online Steampunk music

Steampunk Tendencies — Photos of steampunk projects and Victorian architecture.

The Steampunk Tribune — News and features about steampunk, Victorian culture and related topics.

The Steampunk Workshop — Steampunk maker Jake von Slatt discusses art, books, fashion, music and his own projects.

Storypunks — A podcast about all of the "punk" genres including cyberpunk, diselpunk, and steampunk. It's hosted by Cindy Grigg.