Postcards from San Diego

Our guest photographer captures the creative cosplay at the 2018 Gaslight Steampunk Expo

Monday, October 15, 2018

Editor’s note: The theme was “Return to Vulcania” at the Gaslight Steampunk Expo in San Diego, and with the event’s Pan-Pacific focus, much of the cosplay took on Polynesian and nautical flavors. Clara and Nathaniel Blackheart traveled south from Sacramento to promote Clockwork Alchemy (the steampunk con in San Francisco), and Clara shot some great photos that captured the creativity of the participants. The event took place October 5-7 at the Town & Country Resort Hotel.

One standout was Dude Vader, a founding member of the Star Wars - Steampunk Universe. He describes himself as a Galactic Empire Sith Lord who gave up the dark side and retired to the sunny beaches of Southern California. The Dude often appears at charity events in the San Diego area.

Clara kindly allowed us to use some of her photos in the gallery below. You can find additional photos (including her complete photo album) on the Gaslight Steampunk Community Facebook Page.

For more info about the event, see our previous coverage.

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